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Resilience is a socially conscious city builder game that aims to educate players about refugees around the world. Players assume the role of a refugee camp manager and grapple with the day-to-day struggles of camp life and the structural problems of international aid systems.

Resilience was built in Unity for Windows, Mac, and PC.

Alexander Gallegos was Technical Director.

Primary tasks:

  • Developed art pipeline

  • Optimized game performance to allow for 300+ AI agents in a lush environment

  • Implemented randomization system to allow for diverse and unique characters

  • Oversaw environmental asset workflow to build game atmosphere

  • Created customizable moving skybox

Additional work

  • Researched and met with advisors to support serious nature of game

  • Created concept art and character designs

  • Sculpted character detail in Zbrush and baked texture maps

  • Developed performant and customizable shaders

  • Designed, tested, and tweaked core gameplay mechanics

Examples of possible randomly-generated characters

Skybox planet sprite, made in Photoshop

Resilience Game Environment and Skybox

Early concept art for game environment

Skybox setup in game

Orthographic character sheet for modeling reference

Skybox sky shader in Unity Shader Graph