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Scintilla is a stylized 3D puzzle-platformer that lets you switch, converge, diverge, and take control of three different characters – each with a unique perspective that dynamically affects both the atmospheric visuals and interactable world.

Scintilla is a game built in Unity for Windows and Mac

Alexander Gallegos was Technical Director and Game Designer

  • Guided game creation, including level design, character design, and story

  • Oversaw programming team, including setting tasks and tracking progress

  • Created concept art for characters and environment

  • Implemented models created by teammates to build a modular and vivid environment

  • Created materials and shaders, placed lights to develop a cohesive world

  • Polished game by adding detail such as particle effects, character trails, and atmospheric effects

  • Reviewed levels for quality and playability, adjusting based on playtester feedback

  • Found and fixed bugs as needed

Tree of Light - a particle system/mesh environmental prop

Scintilla and Lumos - the game's two collectibles

Astral Wind - an environmental hazard

Brazier fire particles

Aurora - UI Headshot art

Soliel - UI Headshot art

Lucine - UI Headshot art

Ending Cutscene Art - Made in Photoshop

Promotional Art - Made in Photoshop

Top Left: Early concept art of Lucine and Soliel

Bottom Left: Early monster concept art

Right: Aurora redesign concept art